ANAN HISTORYRecaling the past look to the future

  • In 1999

    Mr. Xu Haibo start creating civilized East tube factory, specializing in the production of fluorescent tubes.

  • In 2003

    Company changed its name to Zhejiang Electronics Co., Ann, at the same time to buy their own land for the plant to start building the plant

  • In 2006

    Companies registered capital of 5 million yuan by the change to 10 million yuan.

  • In 2009

    New fluorescent lamps special lights (2.4-m long tubes of color lights, plants and animals grow lights, purple pipe, explosion-proof lights, and other series)

  • In 2013

    New products LED lamp, covering all straight tube lamp series

  • In 2015

    New special lights round row machine, China's only an automated exhaust equipment